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The European Union (EU) has revised its standard EN 71-8 – Activity Toys for Domestic Use.

The 2018 version of the standard was published in January, updating the 2011 version, which was issued to assure compliance with 2009/48/EC, the so-called Toy Safety Directive (TSD). EN 71-8:2018 contains many technical changes and clarifications. These include:

  • Exclusions from the scope:
    • Trampolines are excluded from EN 71-8, as a dedicated standard now exists – EN 71-14
    • Paddling pools with a depth of more than 400mm. Clarification is given for measuring depth
  • Definitions:
    • The definition of forced movement (cannot be totally controlled by the user, falls are excluded) has been clarified and figures for examples of swings and slides have been improved
  • Water accumulation:
    • New clause to avoid water accumulation that could cause drowning
  • Entrapment requirements:
    • Head, neck and finger entrapment requirements have been revised to better align with the hazards
    • Related test methods have also been revised
  • Slides:
    • Certain small slides, declined planes, are now excluded from the slide requirements
    • The junction between the sliding section and the run out section should be a continuous curve
  • Swings:
    • Requirements on the impact from swing elements have been revised
    • Requirements on the geometry and design of swing elements have been revised
    • New requirements added for fall protection on swings with double seats
  • Paddling pool warnings:
    • Revision of warnings for paddling pool. The prohibition pictogram is no longer required. Only the mandatory action sign is required:

  • Test methods:
  • Test methods for stability, head and neck entrapment, hood and hood-string entrapment (toggle test) have been revised
  • New test methods for swings with double seats

Stakeholders need to ensure their products comply with the latest version of EN 71-8, although at this time there is no fixed timeline for publication in the Office Journal of the EU – a requirement when harmonization is achieved in compliance with the TSD. Previously, this process has taken several months.

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