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Health Canada has issued proposals aimed at reducing the number of fatal strangulations associated with corded window coverings. Published on June 17, 2017, in Part 1 of Canada Gazette, the new Corded Window Covering Regulations will be issued under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA).

If accepted, these regulations will establish conditions relating to performance, construction and labeling. These include requirements to:

  • Restrict the length of cords that can be reached and the size of loops that can be created to help eliminate the risk of strangulation
  • Include a warning on the product that states that the product should be disposed of if a long cord or large loop is ever exposed
  • Restrict cords that can be reached:
    • To no more than 22cm in length, to ensure it is too short to wrap around the neck of a one-year-old child
    • So they cannot form a loop with a perimeter exceeding 44cm, to ensure it cannot be pulled over a one-year-old child’s head
  • Ensure cords that cannot be reached, remain unreachable throughout the useful life of the product

Health Canada has issued these proposals as the next step in its effort to highlight the inherent dangers of these products. Consumers are also being urged to replace older products and avoid products currently on the market that may pose a risk to young children.

The proposals were issued on June 17, 2017, with a 75-day period of consultation. This elapses on August 31, 2017. Once the final regulation is published in Part II of the Canada Gazette, there will be a six-month period for manufacturers and suppliers of window coverings to comply with the new law.

Stakeholders should now check their products comply with the new requirements, to ensure continued compliance.

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